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Drone Reeds

Using Calibration to get a Great Drone Sound

MG Cane Drone Reeds
Classic Cane Drone Reeds, made consistently by McCallum & Gossart.
BalanceTone Drone Reeds
A remarkably adjustable, super efficient, and highly affordable drone reed by...
Crozier Carbon Fiber Drone Reeds
A carbon-fiber-on-composite ultra harmonic drone reed with a simple, easy to...
Crozier Glass Fiber Tongue Drone Reeds
A glass-fiber-on-composite sweet and harmonic drone reed with a simple, easy...
EzeeDrone Drone Reed - Regular Tenor Reed
EzeeDrone's "industry standard" drone reed; Tenor Reed Only.
EzeeDrone Drone Reeds - Standard Set
The full standard set of EzeeDrone's "industry standard" drone reed.
EzeeDrone Drone Reeds with Inverted Bass
Full set (with inverted-tongue bass) of EzeeDrone's "industry standard" drone...
EzeeDrone Inverted Bass Drone Reed
EzeeDrone's "industry standard" drone reed; Inverted-tongue Bass Reed Only.
MG Drone Reeds
Premium drone reeds with carbon fiber tongues, by McCallum & Gossart.
NEW Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds
A highly refined synthetic drone reed made of carbon-fiber components. Great...
Omega Drone Reeds
A slightly high-tech synthetic set of drone reeds with a high degree of...
Ryan Canning Drone Reeds
Drone Reeds by Ryan Canning that are designed to mimic the classic "cane" sound.
Selbie Drone Reeds
A super-rich, super-simple synthetic drone reed with a wooden body, and...
Selbie Drone Reeds - Replacement Tongues (set)
A set of 3 replacement "T-shaped" tongues for this super-rich, super-simple...

The Perfect Constant - Free Drone Reed Guide