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Chanter Reeds

Treat your Chanter Reed like a Loved One; Manipulation

Megarity Reeds
A bagpipe chanter reed that uses cutting edge tooling to product a...
Melvin Reeds
A "precision" ridge-cut bagpipe chanter reed by famed piper Adrian Melvin.
G1 Platinum Chanter Reed
A beautiful well-rounded bagpipe chanter reed by John Elliot, somehow...
Abedour Chanter Reed
A hand-made vibrant bagpipe chanter reed constructed with the finest quality...
Apps G3 Solo Chanter Reed
The 3rd Generation of Chris Apps' bagpipe chanter reed in the "molded"...
Apps G4 Band Chanter Reed
The 4th Generation ridge-cut version of Chris App's bagpipe chanter reed.
David Chesney's Warnock Reed
A very well-rounded reed, famous for its reliability and consistency.
Ezee Pipe Chanter Reed
A rigorously tested bagpipe chanter reed that guarantees a good result, by...
G1 Chanter Reed
A fine bagpipe chanter reed hand-crafted with premium cane by John Elliot.
MacLellan Chanter Reed
A reed with a "mystical" quality about it, by the great Colin MacLellan.
MacPhee Chanter Reed
A flat-cut solo reed by the prize-winning Donald MacPhee.
McAllister Chanter Reed
An extension of this reed's amazing legacy, by the Troy family of British...
Shepherd Chanter Reed
A bagpipe chanter reed designed and tested with the strictest in quality...
Warmac Chanter Reed
A ridge-cut bagpipe chanter reed from Northern Ireland.

The Pitch-Time Continuum; How Your Chanter Tuning Changes as you Play