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Chanter Reeds

Treat your Chanter Reed like a Loved One; Manipulation

Megarity Reeds
UK made shoulder-cut pipe chanter reed by reed maker Stephen Megarity.
Melvin Reeds
Melvin reeds are crafted to meet a high standard of precision sound from a...
G1 Platinum Chanter Reed
G1 Platinum produces more resonance and clarity, particularly on the top...
Abedour Chanter Reed
Abedour Bagpipe Chanter Reeds are supplied in easy and medium strengths, made...
Apps G3 Solo Chanter Reed
App's "G3" Bagpipe Chanter Reed for Soloists. Produces a more mellow, well...
Apps G4 Band Chanter Reed
This is the newest bagpipe chanter reed from established reedmaker Chris...
David Chesney's Warnock Reed
Warnock bagpipe chanter reeds, made by David Chesney, are a very dependable...
Ezee Pipe Chanter Reed
These bagpipe chanter reeds are carefully crafted by the makers of EZ Drone....
G1 Chanter Reed
Pipe chanter reed made by John Elliott. Available in easy, medium and hard.
MacLellan Chanter Reed
MacLellan bagpipe chanter reeds are re-tested for strength by maker. Supplied...
MacPhee Chanter Reed
MacPhee Bagpipe Chanter Reeds are designed for band or solo use with many...
McAllister Chanter Reed
McAllister bagpipe chanter reeds make especially nice solo reeds and have...
Shepherd Chanter Reed
Shepherds reeds are popular and have been used in competition by many award...
Warmac Chanter Reed
Warmac bagpipe chanter reeds are supplied in a variety of strengths, and...

The Pitch-Time Continuum; How Your Chanter Tuning Changes as you Play